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Our Wash Process

Today we have computerized, internal heat control, high extraction washing equipment. This allows us to maintain the highest wash standard available.Programs are made for the product we are washing. Our standard exceeds that of anyone who does not offer internal heat equipment. We finish in environmental products to provide a no scent, no VOC diaper. The smell should be nothing.

Sweet Cheeks Delivers!

Reduce Chlorine in Your Cloth Diapers!

At Sweet Cheeks Diaper Service, we have our own water treatment system. Unlike HRM water that uses great energy to reach your tap with 1300 km of water pipes and is treated with chlorine bleach, ours is only treated with UV light and sand filters and only has to be pumped 100 feet. Any laundry tested using HRM water will show a higher chorine reading then our diapers coming from the wash because all of HRM’s rinse water contains chlorine bleach. (Water leaving the Pockwock Plant (which services Halifax) has chlorine levels of 1.10 PPM.)

3 Hour Wash

Our diaper wash consists of a two part process where each wash has two choices. The first wash is over two hours and the second is one hour. The industry standard for diaper services is only one hour and 10 minutes.

In our system you do not have to remove the solids unless you have an odour problem or are using a disposable flushable liner with cream. When we note a high stool content we select the first wash with more pre-washes to it. This saves on waste water as our normal wash has some 20 to 30 diapers with solids.

As a home washer, a disposable diaper user or with some diaper services, you would need to be dumping and flushing each time there are solids. By not removing these solids in the diaper you will save more highly treated, pumped for miles tap water then all of our water usage combined. You save money on your sewage and water bill while reducing energy used for that water delivery as well, leaving the solids in the diaper makes your life more convenient and that’s the benefit of this diaper service.

Our second wash is where we test and adjust for PH and grease levels and select a higher or lower temperature wash accordingly.

High Temperature Washing to Kill All Bacteria and Viruses

To effectively kill all bacteria and viruses that may be present, you need to heat and hold diapers above 165°F for at least 10 minutes. We program our washer to heat diapers to 180°F.

Our wash spins @ 350 G force. You literally have to pull the diapers from the drum. This saves on drying cost and energy usage which we pass on to our customers - so our customers have some of the lowest rates in Canada.

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