Cloth Diapers: the healthy, convenient, and environmentally smart choice for you and your baby

How Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diaper Service Works

Sweet Cheeks Pre fold
Diapers and Covers

Sweet Cheeks Pre fold Diapers and Covers

Getting Started

Whether your baby is newborn or older, our convenient service and modest cost make the change to cloth easy!

We stock everything you will need, from cloth diapers, covers, snappies, re-usable absorbent liners (to provide extra absorbency during outings or sleep times.), calendula cream and disposable liners. It is helpful to have the calendula cream on hand in the unlikely event your baby develops a rash. (The disposable liners are to be used when the cream is applied. To keep the grease product out of the diaper)

You will need to have:

  • out side garbage can (77 liter or 20 Us Gallon) to hold soiled diapers during the week. Garbage can designed for outside use with the twist off lid works best. Place a non abrasive weight like an old phone book in the bottom for dead weight when the can is empty. This makes it easer to remove the top and the can will not blow away when empty.

    The diapers arrive in a clear, plastic bag. You use this bag as the liner for the can. Can should be outside alongside your home and accessible on your exchange day. We exchange your diapers on your service day without you having to remember to put out the can (as you need to remember with your normal garbage). All transactions can happen from the can. No need to be home just bring in the clean diapers on your delivery day or next trip to the can.

  • inside diaper pail or other container to hold diapers between the once a day trip to the (outside) garbage can. Don’t need much here, a kitty litter or dog biscuit container or something that will hold 10 diapers with a soft fitted lid is great or you can purchase a waste basket for this task. System works like the green cart program except you don’t take the outside container to the curb and you don’t need a reminder to do so as we come to the can along side your home.

Sweet Cheeks Snap Fitted
Diapers and Covers

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Covers

For Newborn Baby

To start, we like to set our first visit two weeks prior to your due date. You make a pre-payment for your first full cycle month. However your date clock doesn’t start till the birth date of your child. We will pro rate your second month bill to reflect this credit. In the end it cost you nothing to have our diapers there ahead of time ready to go. That’s convenience. On our first visit, we will supply:

  • 75 Flat folds, one calendula cream, one 100 sheet roll of disposable liners.

For Existing Children

To start, you make a pre-payment for the full “cycle month” of service plus the weeks in the current month if  two weeks or less. In the case of starting with 3 or 4 weeks left in the current month we will pro rate your second cycle month for these full weeks. If your child is large enough to use our small fitted diapers (10+ lbs) you have the option of selecting pre-folds or fitted diapers (See our Price List)

Service starts on your area's delivery date and runs for full weeks forward. Service is billed on a cycle month basis (see cycle month explanation).

For a child 16 months and younger we will start you in the first week with 70 pre-folds or 60 fitted in size small.

In the second week we will follow this count up with 60 pre-folds or 50 fitted.

In your third week you will receive at least the number soiled in week one. If this number is close to the total we first delivered we may add more diapers to insure you don’t run out. We wouldn’t normally reduce your number until several pickups occurred and a usage rate could be determined.

As we count the diapers you use each week we may make adjustments to your account to insure you have what your normal usage rate is. You can always call us weekdays if you wish a change in your diaper count regardless. We find this the best way to regulate your account because it is what you want and we are working with you and for you.

Sweet Cheeks Snap Fitted
Diapers and Covers

Sweet Cheeks Snap Fitted Diapers and Covers

Diaper Cover Credit Program

We sell new starting @ 15.00; used for $10.00 when in stock and credit you back $5.00 when sizing up on purchase one for one. We carry Mother Ease or Bummis, new and used (not all prints however). Normally you should carry at least 6 covers. Regardless of the used one's condition we will credit your new or used purchase $30.00 if you were to buy and turn in 6 covers for your next size.

Sizes range from newborn, small, medium, large. Most children are potty trained by size medium.

When you terminate service we do not buy back covers and only credit you one for one on the next size up. So if you were buying mediums we would only give you credit for size small ones turned in.

Weekly Diaper Service

On the scheduled delivery day for your area, we will pickup the soiled diapers, and unless a change has been made, leave you the same number of diapers as you used the previous period. Thereby ensuring your account total remains the same with  plenty of clean diapers on hand. Each monthly invoice will have a statement of your current diaper count reflecting this total number at time of printing. Your invoice is delivered with the diapers in the next to last delivery for payment next week thus acts as a reminder for you of the next cycle month.

Use our cloth diapers, and absorbant liners if desired, to diaper your baby. Place soiled diapers in diaper pail, and as needed, empty diapers into outside garbage can. Soiled disposable liners, if used, should not be left with the diapers. There is an added charge to have us remove them. They should be removed from the diaper and flushed down the toilet as they are septic safe and biodegradable.

As we count the diapers you use each week we may make adjustments to your account to ensure you have what your normal usage rate is. You can always call us weekdays if you wish a change in your diaper count regardless. We find this the best way to regulate your account because it is what you want and we are working with you and for you.

Sweet Cheeks Cares!

Cloth Diaper Care

  • Do not rinse or soak the diapers or liners.
  • NO need to remove the stool from our diapers unless you have an odour issue or are using creams with flushable liners. Just take them off your child and place them in our your outside bin (poop and all). (Read about the savings of not removing solids, and not flushing.)

As a home washer or a disposable user you would be dumping and flushing each time. This alone saves more highly treated tap water than all of our water use combined and saves you money on your water and sewage bill as a home washer.

Diaper Cream

With cloth diapers, there is generally little need for diaper ointment or cream. If your baby does develop a rash, please use the Calendula Cream delivered to you as your first line of treatment. This product works great and we stock this item if you ever need more. Its safe for baby and mom and when used correctly absorbs into the skin reducing the chance of diaper greasing.

Please use a disposable liner in the diaper to keep the cream from settling into the cloth fabric. Diaper creams are difficult to remove. Throw disposable liners in the toilet; do not place in with diapers.

We encourage you to use disposable liners, to avoid a charge against your account for “creamed” diapers that cannot be brought back to service.

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