Cloth Diapers: the healthy, convenient & environmentally smart choice for you and your baby

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Service

Cloth diapers delivered to your door:

$ 27.00/week Pre-fold diapers


$ 29.00/week Fitted snap diapers

All the diapers you need per week (within reason). Additional delivery charges may apply.

We serve all of Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) to Elmsdale. Laurencetown through Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford down the South Shore as far as Bridgewater, and surrounding communities.

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Why choose our cloth diaper service? Because it is:

  • convenient - service to your door - we deliver clean diapers and pick up soiled ones!
  • easy to use - choose from prefold, or snap fitted diapers - NO PINS
  • economical - your baby will be potty-trained sooner, so you will need fewer diapers
  • environmentally friendly - reduce waste sent to the landfill; reduce greenhouse methane
  • better for your baby - chemical-free, more breathable cloth diapers reduce asthma and diaper rash

Learn more about our service:

Pre Fold Diapers and Covers

Sweet Cheeks Pre Fold Diapers and Covers

Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diapers
Three Styles to Choose From

Pre fold Cloth Diapers

  • made of 100 % diaper flannel or cotton gauze; diaper service quality (DSQ)
  • built up multi-layer core centre for absorbency and shape with thinner outside wings for fit to leakage control
  • available in three sizes: Newborn up to 12 lbs; Small 10 to 23 lbs; and Large 21 lbs and up.
  • requires a snappy or fitted cover to stay on child. Diaper sits inside cover. (See our Diaper Cover Credit Program)

Snap Fitted Diapers and Covers

Sweet Cheeks Snap Fitted Diapers and Covers

Snap fitted Cloth Diapers (Dad's favorite!)

  • built up multi-layer core centre for absorbency and shape with thinner outside wings for fit to control leakage
  • easy to put on. Fits better with less leakage as diaper can't move around in cover of an active child as elastic’s adjust for this extra movement. Available in 2 sizes with adjustable snap closures, gathered legs and waist
  • stays on without a cover, has a micro fleece outer which disperses fluid while retaining minor wetness (short term cover free)
  • requires waterproof cover fitted or pull over type for normal change durations. (See our Diaper Cover Credit Program)

New - Bamboo Diapers!

Sweet Cheeks Bamboo Fitted Diapers

Snap Fitted Bamboo Diapers - New!

  • Bamboo woven in Canada and made into a diaper by us in house here in Nova Scotia.
  • patented absorbent cell milled in Canada that will not hold bacteria when washed, has twice the absorbency of cloth for the same bulk. More flexible than cloth and much softer with better breathability. The cell actually wicks fluid evenly where cloth keeps wetness centralized longer.
  • Made in house. You are going to love this diaper!
  • requires waterproof cover

Billing and Payment Schedule

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Service monthly billing are based on a "cycle month", not a calendar month. The amount is calculated by taking the average of 13 weeks over 3 months. For example: $27 x 13 weeks / 3 months = $ 117.00 + 17.55 HST = Total $ 134.55 per cycle month. This calcuation allows for the different number of weeks in any given month, and keeps each month at the same price.

We offer a pre-paid service which picks up and delivers weekly on your scheduled day. Payment for the next month is due on your last delivery day of the current month.

We offer a 10% discount for 2nd child cheapest service at same address. Mileage charges may apply for some locations.

Additional charge during first month includes: one-time fee of $22 + HST for diaper cream and disposable liners.

The day scheduled for your area may change with notice to you.

You can change your service selection (for example, reducing or increasing the diaper count) at the end of the current paid month with notice for next month billing.

We will pro-rate your second month bill from the birth date of the baby using a calendar month for new born. and a weekly cycle for existing children.

Accessory Pricing

  • Disposable Liners: roll of 100 sheets: small: $8.50, large: $10.00
  • Covers: $15 new, $10 used with a $5.00 credit for used turned in when sizing up. We carry MotherEase and Bummis. See cover credit program for details.
  • Calendula Cream: one tube: $15.00

Payment Options

Payments can be made via: Cash / Check or Email Transfer.

Other Fees

We do keep track of the number of diapers allocated to your account so if diapers are lost or damaged, (not worn out) a fee will be charged:

  • $4.00 each for flat folds, $6.00 each for original fitted diapers, and $8.50 each for fitted bamboo diapers *
  • A service charge of $0.50 will be applied for each wipe, disposable diaper, or liner left in with cloth diapers.

* We have some forgiveness dependent on the time you were on service. But reserve the right to seek full reimbursement if we think we are being taken. The plan is for you to enjoy the service and be reasonable in giving us back our products. This in the end will help keep our prices low for the next child.

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